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Dancer Attire

PBS's dress code is an important part of the discipline instilled in a young dancer. Dancers should stand out in class by virtue of their hard work, not by what they wear.   Dancers in Levels I through Advanced may not wear skirts, baggy T-shirts, or shorts.  All leg and body warmers must be tight fitting.

Creative Movement



ladies wear pink, footless or stirrup tights, no shoes, plain pink leotard, and hair in a pony tail or a bun.

Beginning Ballet



ladies wear pink, footed tights and pink ballet shoes or pointe shoes if on pointe.  Required leotard colors (plain only) are pink for

Pre-Ballet, Beginning Ballet & Ballet I

, dark blue for

Ballet II & III

, and black for

Ballet IV & V

Ballet VI and Advanced

may wear any solid color leotard or a unitard.  Skirts are not permitted except for Variation and Pointe classes.  Hair is worn up and must be in a bun for Ballet III and up. 

Boys and Men

wear black tights, plain white T-shirt, black or white shoes and white socks, and a dance belt for older boys.


Modern & Jazz

classes all levels may wear any solid color tights and leotard or unitard.  Tights for Modern should be footless.  Jazz shoes are suggested for Jazz classes.

Clothing for


classes should be comfortable and non-restrictive.